Want to Get Kinky with Adult Escorts Sydney? Here’s How to Negotiate a Deal

With adult escorts Sydney offers, you have an opportunity to date a gorgeous woman without the hassle of trying to impress her. That is, you don’t have to take her out on numerous dates and send her gifts to be in her favour. Just agree to pay her rate and she’ll go with you, no questions asked.

What’s even better is that you can express your sexual fetish with an escort. Just make sure to iron out the details before you finalise your booking. You don’t want to be disappointed, do you?

But here’s a dilemma that most people have—how do they communicate their kinks without embarrassing themselves?

If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in luck.

Learn some covert tricks right here.

Be upfront about your fetish

Ask the service provider if they offer escorts that cater to kinks.

Then, discuss with the escort herself that the sexual activities you have in mind are more unusual than usual. Vanilla is something you enjoy, but you want to do more.

Ask her if your fetish is something she’s interested in, one she enjoys herself, or is willing to try out with you. Since you don’t want to divulge the details before the deal is sealed, make hypothetical statements instead.

For instance, you can ask her how she’d react if you suggest using handcuffs or ball gags.

Make sure to get her agreement (or disagreement) with every sexual act, position, or fantasy you mention. This way, everyone is on the same page.

Learn the jargons that regulars use

Full female companionship, for instance, indicates that a sexual encounter is on the table during your encounter with her. Other applicable terms are the “Porn Star Experience” or the “Girlfriend Experience.”

If you are not familiar with them, ask for subtle hints. Adult escorts Sydney has will know exactly how to discuss sexual activities without alerting the authorities.

Check an escort’s profile

Say a service provider has given you a few options. Check out every escort’s profile and see if there is an indication of certain kinks they are willing to do. Then, pick the one that you know will satisfy your kinky needs the most.

Ask about the fee

It’s normal to think that fees may vary according to how unusual a sexual activity is. In most cases, the fee is the same. But to avoid any surprises, talk about money and what it will cost you to live out your unusual fantasies.

Never assume that all adult escorts Sydney offers are willing to fulfill your wildest kinks. Be clear about your expectations and your encounter will go smoothly.